Thursday, December 7, 2017

Mull over projects sustainability, Acacia tells communities


By Beldina Nyakeke @bnyakeke

Tarime. Acacia North Mara Gold Mine has advised communities living around the site to start pondering over alternative ways of sustaining development projects funded by the company.

The Acacia North Mara Gold Mine general manager, Mr Sam Roesler made the remark on Wednesday during a dialogue with villagers and religious leaders, which was meant to foster relations.

Mr Roesler said his company would in the future cease its operations and considering the loss they have suffered due to metallic concentrates saga, it is high time the communities started exploring ways of making the projects sustainable.

The manager, however, disclosed that they would not halt their operations soon, adding that they would continue facilitating the implementation of the projects.

“We aren’t going to cease mining operations soon, but it is obvious that we aren’t going to be here forever, so the communities around the mine should start thinking about sustainability of the projects,” he said.

“By doing so, all these projects will guarantee economic vibrancy in the area, which will help people engage in various income-generating activities.”

Mr Roesler disclosed that all projects, which were introduced this year have almost been implemented, promising to complete the remaining projects in accordance with agreements.

Speaking during the same occasion, Sustainable Communities manager Richard Ojendo said in 2018, they plan to focus on agriculture and industrial sector projects, which would go in line with the government’s ambitious industrialisation drive.

According to him, they were going to engage in cultivation of different food and cash crops, including introducing sunflower and rice farming in the area.

Mr Ojendo expressed his belief that the implementation of these projects will food security and that surplus would be directed to industries.