Saturday, September 23, 2017

Ordinary Tanzanians raise Sh52 million for Lissu


By Deogratius Kamagi @Deogratiuskamagi

Dar es Salaam. From one with as little as Sh100 to the other with a little more coins, ordinary Tanzanians and other well-wishers played a major role in contributing to a campaign to raise funds for the treatment of Singida East MP and Opposition Chief Whip Tundu Lissu, who is admitted to a Nairobi hospital in Kenya.

This was revealed on Friday by Chadema national chairman Freeman Mbowe during a press conference held in the city.

He said many people were concerned for Mr Lissu’s health, and have been praying for his speedy recovery.

“It’s encouraging to see that we have support from the people, who belong to the poor class. They deposited their Sh500 and Sh1,000 and with that they collectively raised Sh52 million in a special account at CRBD Bank,” he said.

“It’s better to be financed by the poor who contribute their Sh100, Sh200, Sh500 with open hearts than from the rich who are full of mocking,” he added.

Mr Mbowe, the MP for Hai constituency in Kilimanjaro Region and leader of the Opposition camp in Parliament, thanked well-wishers from all walks of life who in total raised Sh204 million in two weeks.

He said Chadema MPs contributed Sh48.465 million; cash raised through mobile phone transfers Sh24.2 million; amount deposited into a special CRDB Bank account Sh52 million, and Sh43 million raised by all MPs, being total of half their one-day sitting allowance.

“Again, we have received $20,387 raised by the Diaspora, who started an online campaign through, which was deposited into the Nairobi Hospital account, because the patient will not be transferred to abroad as was planned,” he said.

Mr Mbowe noted that so far, they had received all the money raised except the Sh43 million from MPs’ contributions. He said the office of the Speaker wasn’t ready to deposit the money into the party’s special bank account.

According to him, Parliament wanted the money paid directly to the hospital, which he (Mr Mbowe) agreed with, but until yesterday, the money wasn’t deposited. However, Parliament yesterday evening said the money was deposited into the hospitals’ Barclays bank, Hurliringham branch, account number 0451155318, since Wednesday.