Monday, February 19, 2018

Poor quality cashew nut claims under probe


By Haika Kimaro @TheCitizenTZ

Newala. Authorities in Newala district, Mtwara region, have formed a committee to probe allegations that some poor quality cashew nuts have found their way into the area.

The Newala District Commissioner, Ms Aziza Mangosongo said here on Monday that authorities are investigating allegations that some 8,000 tonnes of cashew nuts - which were denied entry into the market during the September 2017 auction – have managed to be sneaked into the market during the January 2018 auction.

“This is quite unacceptable. It will damage the reputation of Newala and the entire Mtwara region in as far as quality cashew nuts is concerned,” Ms Mangosongo said.

It is alleged that some Agricultural Marketing Co-operative Societies (Amcos) are behind the accepting of poor quality cashew nuts into the market for reasons only known to them.

Two weeks ago, Members of Parliament asked the government to work on allegations that a consignment of 172 tonnes of cashew nuts exported to Vietnam contained 78 sacks of the crop which were mixed with aggregates and stones.

Tabling a January 2017 to January 2018 report in parliament, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Water said it received complaints about the said consignment with concern.

The committee chairperson, Dr Mary Nagu told Members of Parliament that there were no complaints on cashew nuts exported to other parts of the world, except Vietnam.

Tanzania exported a total of 320,000 tonnes of cashew nuts to various countries during the 2016/17 marketing season.