Sunday, March 12, 2017

Shock as CCM expels ex-minister, 11 strong cadres

Ms Sophia Simba, formerly the CCM Women chair

Ms Sophia Simba, formerly the CCM Women chair and National Executive Committee member (NEC), has been expelled from the ruling party. PHOTO | EDWIN MJWAHUZI 

By Peter Nyanje @pnyanje

Dodoma. The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) yesterday sacked 12 members, relieved six others of their leadership roles sending a clear message that the era of tolerating those suspected of being saboteurs within the party was long overdue.

Addressing reporters at the Dodoma Convention Centre, CCM Ideology and Publicity secretary Humphrey Polepole said four other members have been given stern warning with one required to apologise.

One member, Mr Adam Kimbisa, the Dodoma regional chairman, was pardoned. Mr Polepole said the 23 CCM leaders were penalised after their cases were reviewed by various party organs, including the Security and Ethics Committee.

“The penalties meted out by NEC are final, there is no room for appeal and the penalties start today. Therefore, those who are in the way to attend the Special General Congress tomorrow (today) will not be allowed to participate although they will be given all the upkeep costs,” he said.

Those expelled include Ms Sophia Simba, the Women Wing (UWT) chairperson and a member of CCM Central Committee.

Others with their leadership positions in brackets are Ms Jesca Msambatavangu (Iringa regional chairperson), Mr Erasto Kwilasa (Shinyanga regional chairman), Mr Ramadhani Madabida (Dar es Salaam regional chairman) and Mr Christopher Sanya (Mara regional chairman).

The list of those who have been sacked also includes district chairpersons who are Mr Omari Awadhi (Gairo), Mr Ally Msuya (Babati), Mr Makolo Laizer (Longido), Mr Salum Madenge (Kinondoni) and Mr Wilfred Ole Molel (Arusha Urban).

Those who were handed a stern warning include members of the National Executive Committee, Mr Ali Mchumo (Kilwa) and Mr Muhaji Bishako, the district chairman in Muleba.

In addition to being given a stern warning, a member of CC, Dr Emmanuel Nchimbi, has also been asked to apologise for unethical conduct.

“We know that Mr Nchimbi was recently appointed as our envoy to Brazil. We expect to receive his apology as soon as possible from Brazil,” said Mr Polepole.

Six members who were relieved of their leadership roles include NEC members who are Ajili Kalole (Tunduru), Hassan Mazala (Singida) and Valerian Bureta (Kibaha Rural.

District chairpersons in this category are Abeid Kaponza (Iringa Urban), Assa Haroun (Ilala) and Hamis Nguli (Singida Urban).

Elaborating, Mr Polepole said according to the CCM regulations, a member who has been sacked for committing mistakes out of ignorance might reapply membership after 48 months but someone who has been sacked out of gross misconduct has no chance of being readmitted. He said those who have been relieved of their leadership roles will have to wait for 40 months before considering contesting for any post within the party.

Meanwhile, the ruling party will conduct its internal election from later this month and the exercise will last until the first week of December.

Mr Polepole said NEC has already approved the timetable for the election.

In the meantime, the extraordinary General Congress to be held today will have only three agendas; opening of the meeting, approving constitution amendments and closing the meeting, said Mr Polepole.