Saturday, September 23, 2017

Social media users furious over govt Lissu treatment offer


By Deogratius Kamagi @Deogratiuskamagi

Dar es Salaam. Social media users have criticised the government for taking too long to offer support for the treatment of Singida East MP Tundu Lissu.

They also took issue with health minister Ummy Mwalimu’s conditionalities for the treatment of the MP who was seriously injured following an attempt on his life.

On Thursday, Ms Mwalimu said the government was ready to send Mr Lissu anywhere in the world to receive treatment provided his party and family made a formal request.

But the statement has drawn largely negative reaction on social media with many dismissing the condition s as set by the government.

Posts in reply to the minister’s writing were of anger and dismay as commentators accused the governemnt of “double speak.”

A majorioty were of the view that the government was coming in too late and that Ms Ummy was politicking on the life of the MP.

They queried whether the condition only applied to Mr Lissu while pointing out prominent politicians who have freely received similar offers from the government.

Acording to them, Ms Ummy was not cincere and wondered why the government had banned prayers for Lissu and blood donation to celebrate his life.

Some commentators however welcomed the offer and urged the family to cooperate with the government to ensure Lissu was safe.

over was merely Prominent blogger and political activist Yericko Nyerere said on his social media account that the condition was unfair taking into account the condition of the patient.

According to him, this will be the first time for the government to seek a request letter from relatives of the patient, who needs emergency care to serve his life.

“It has never happened in the country. Speaker Job Ndugai had been to France and the same applied to Dr Harrison Mwakyembe, who was transferred to India. Were their relatives asked for the support? he queried.

Adding, “If the issue was to start from the Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) then did the survivors of the Lucky Vincent School in Arusha followed the same procedures?”

Mr Dan Nkurlu, one of the social media user urged that the government should have immediately taken the proactive approach measures on Lissu’s treatments.

“The right thing to do is not to wait for ask at this minute but to take proactive approach and action,” he said on his comment.

“It’s unfair to wait for the request while the patient is at critical level, this is an emergency here was no time to waste,” other social media user commented on Ummy’s Tweet.

“If your neighbour’s house has caught fire do you real need to wait for the official request?, read the comment of David Anselim on the post.

According to the Minister, the government had all along been willing to facilitate Lissu’s treatment financially to anywhere in the world and that it had not done so because it hadn’t received a formal request from the relatives.