Monday, November 20, 2017

Tobacco farmers complain about packaging


By Robert Kakwesi @TheCitizenTz

Some farmers from the Amahoro Tobacco Primary Cooperative Society at Ulyankulu in Tabora Region complain that some of their tobacco, packed in bales, has started to rot.

The tobacco in question is one that exceeded estimates and which has not been bought because of the so-called ongoing talks between the government and tobacco buying firms.

Reports indicate that the firms have offered to purchase excess tobacco at $1.35 per kilo against the government’s preferred price of 1.75 per kilo.

The chairman of the cooperative society, Mr Fulgence Erasto, said yesterday that with ongoing rain, tobacco had started accumulating moisture, thus making it rot.

“Look, this tobacco is no longer suitable for the market. This is a loss to the framers,” said Mr Erasto. However, there was no immediate reaction from the government and the firms.