Monday, August 21, 2017

Transport services paralysed for over four hours due to drivers’ strike


By George Rodgers @TheCitizenTz

Dar es Salaam. Public transport services at a famous daladala stand, Simu200, were paralysed for over four hours on Monday August 21, after commuter bus operators went on a strike.

Commuter bus operators decided to down their tools from early hours of the morning protesting the decision by the Kinondoni District Council authorities to increase levy from Sh500 to Sh1,000.

However, the operators ended the strike after they met Ubungo District Commissioner, Mr Kisare Makori who ordered the authorities to stop the levy increment.

The District Commissioner also asked the daladala operators to find better ways of channeling their grievances instead of strikes which affect innocent people.

“The tariff will remain Sh500 and no increment should effected unless there is agreement… but striking should also not be entertained as it is innocent daladala users who have been affected the most,” he said.

Mr Makori also urged the management of the said daladala stand to get rid of corrupt workers who were accused of embezzling public money and impose unfair penalties to the drivers without issuing receipts.

The workers in question were gate keepers and public toilet attendants. They were accused of imposing fines of up to Sh50,000 without giving receipts.

The chairperson of Union of Commuter busses owners in Dar es Salaam (UWADAR) at Simu2000, Mr Stanley Kilave, said the Sh1,000 levy was suggested by the authorities and they were amazed when the authorities decided to impose it without agreements have been reached.

He said there were a lot of issues which they wanted rectified such as fixing of lights.

He also said the stand management penalises the drivers for some things caused by factors beyond their control such as pathetic road leading to the stand.

He noted for instance that many busses have been experiencing oil leakage caused by the potholed road.

He said sometimes drivers and conductors are charged Sh50,000 penalty for only using the hand washing sinks in the toilet.

“Sh50,000 is just a penalty for someone who is caught washing his face on the washing sink in the toilet that I believe was kept there for that same purpose,” said Stanley.

Ubungo municipal Director, Mr John Kayombo promised that the problems which the drivers have raised will be fixed soon.