Friday, October 13, 2017

Villagers push for health care


By Hamida Shariff @TheCitizenTz

Morogoro. After the revocation of title deeds of five farms at Mvumi Village, Kilosa District, President John Magufuli has been asked to allow villagers to use farm buildings as health centres.

The villagers said they would walk more than 2km to reach Mvumi Health Centre, which caused some pregnant women to give birth on the way and deaths of sick children.

One of them, Ms Maria Ngosha, said if the government agreed to allow them to use the buildings as health centres, the deaths of sick children and pregnant women would be reduced because they would be able to access medical services on time and at affordable costs.

For his part, the Kilosa District Commissioner, Mr Adamu Mgoyi, said after the revocation of the ownerships of the farms, immovable properties, including buildings, would be assessed to know their actual values so that owners of the buildings could be compensated.

“What has been revoked is land, but those buildings are supposed to be for compensations. So, if the residents want to own and turn them into health centres, they must pay compensations,” said Mr Mgoyi.

The DC clarified that the evaluation would be carried out as for now names of people, who asked to be allocated areas for farms were being verified, saying the evaluation would be carried out by the district’s committee on defence and security.