Thursday, December 14, 2017

Woman killed in love triangle


By Shaaban Ndyamukama @ThecitizenTZ

Ngara. The police in Ngara District have arrested a woman aged 28 from Mayenzi Village in Kagera Region for allegedly killing her husband’s second wife Noelina Joseph, 24, and later buried her on a potato farm.

The two were married to Mr Joseph Rauliani, 33, from Mayenzi Village.

“The incident took place at the village at about 1.30pm after the husband returned home and found her second wife’s clothes stained with blood and suspected her to have committed the crime,” said Mayenzi village chairman Phillip Rutumbanya, when he was interviewed by this reporter on Thursday, December 14.

Following the incident, Mr Rauliani reported the incident to the village government and the husband alleged it was her first wife, who had killed his second wife.

“Ms Joseph’s clothes were found on the farm just a few hours after she was killed,” said the village chairman.

He noted that they arrested her after she allegedly confessed to have committed murder. “She later directed us to the place she buried her and when we went on the farm and found her body,” he explained.

“Since I married the second wife, I had been receiving a lot of complaints from my first wife. I did not take it seriously. I did not even expect that she could kill her. I am shocked!” said Mr Rauliani.

For his part, investigation officer Edward Masunga condemned the killing and urged married couples to report to the village government and relevant security organs whenever they suspected of untoward behaviour that could result in committing a crime.

“The suspect is in police custody for interrogation and later she will be taken to court after investigation,” said Mr Masunga.