Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Zitto to be grilled by parliamentary ethics committee


By By Alawi Masare @TheCitizenTz news@tz.nationmedia.com

The Kigoma Urban MP, Zirro kabwe (ACT-Wazalendo) has been ordered to report to the Parliamentary ethics committee.

The order has been given in the Parliament today September 12 by the National Assembly Speaker, Mr Job Ndugai. Mr Ndugai said Zitto should go to the committee to give explanation in relation to his recent remarks over the two reports presented by two Committee which investigated gemstones business and mining in the country.

In his remarks, Mr Zitto said the House powers were compromised when two committees that investigated diamond and tanzanite mining submitted their reports to the government.

Mr Kabwe was quoted as suggesting that the committees’ reports should have been tabled in the Parliament instead of being handed to the government.

Speaking in the Parliament today September 12, Mr Ndugai said the teams were not formed under any House resolution.

"Did you suggest anywhere and pass a resolution to form the two committees? It should be remembered that these are different from the standing committees which are guided by the standing orders," said Mr Ndugai.

"I'm the one who formed the teams to actually advise the government on tanzanite and diamond mining. By the way, Mr Zitto is not in the House and I have no information of why he is not attending the ongoing sessions," he said.