Friday, May 19, 2017

Ben Paul’s naked photos enrage his fans


By By Paul Owere

Showbiz thrives on controversy worldwide; for it is the fodder on which some artistes keep their careers rolling even after their sell by dates are long gone.

Having a good career going you would think Ben Pol doesn’t need publicity stunts especially with songs like Muziki, Sophia and Moyo Mashine doing so well.

Tanzanian RnB hotshot this week took this to a new level when he posed stark naked in a photo shoot.

 It is believed that the same photographer who took Linah’s pictures was responsible in this project as well.

Ben pol is a celebrated Tanzanian singer who has hit the music charts with the songs Phone with Nigeria’s Mr.Eazi being an international hit.

His latest effort at publicity seemed to rile his legion of followers attracting a barrage of comments as some labeled it distasteful.

Some suggested that it would be wiser if he had worn a boxer to cover his modesty, it is not yet proven if Pol used this to keep fans salivating for his upcoming projects.

But if this was meant to be a project, then it is one that is doomed to fail because his fans are not taking it lightly at all.

The comments are abusive and for the first time Ben Pol’s posting has received more than 2000 comments on Instagram.