Thursday, May 17, 2018

Two Feza School students develop e-business cards app


By Alfred Zacharia @azacharia3

Dar es Salaam. If you’re tired of carrying a box of business cards around wherever you go, a digital option has been invented.

In November, 2018 two young boys and form six students at Feza International School, Rashid Kikwete and Seif Mhata will launch an Application that sees all business cards being handled in a mobile phone.

VCARDIN is an app designed for Tablet and Android that lets users exchange their details between devices by simply “Swapping” finger on the phone while the app is on, according to Seif Mhata a co-founder. He said, Vcardin places all contact information into a single platform, identifying the day and place the two have met for the first time plus what they talked about.

“Beyond simple contact information, the app allows users to share pictures and calendar events, and connect to other people’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts by tapping their devices together and selecting which information to transmit,” he said.

He explained the reason of coming up with an idea that was to solve the lost-cards, handling challenges and keeping the environment clean.

“If you are a businessman, you may end up collecting at least one thousand cards a year, if you pick card of everyone you meet. We discovered that, picking them is not a problem, but handling and keep them remain major obstacle to many,” he told The Citizen.

“We also discovered that, keeping well and use business cards effectively can grow a business by five per cent. We came up with an idea to help people not losing their contacts with their fellow partners,” he said.

According to him; they have formulated the app, since 2015, when they visited their teacher’s office, where they witnessed how he was struggling to arrange his business cards.

“I remember, three years ago, when I entered the teacher’s office with my friend. We asked our tutor how he managed to keep the thousands of cards and remember every owner of them,” he said.

Teacher shared his hassling to keep the cards, and they got an idea to develop the App that can do the job.

The idea was presented at the Science and Art Exhibition, which is conducted every year at the school ground with the aim of giving chance to students to show what they are good at in front of their parents.

The idea was good enough for Seif Mhata and his colleague JK’s son to travel to US for Genius Olympiad Competition in June, 2017.

They won gold medal, after competing with other 1, 200 students from 73 countries worldwide.

“We delayed to launch the app due to studies, but we are going to complete Form Six in July this year. So we arrange to officially launch it in November,” he said.