Saturday, August 19, 2017

DEAR DIARY: Who wants to learn manners?

Janet Otieno Prosper 

Janet Otieno Prosper  

By Janet Otieno Prosper

There was news earlier in the week of Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe hitting a young woman with extension cable. Grace was reportedly annoyed after finding the young woman in company of her sons.

The 52-year-old First Lady is accused of beating model Gabriella Engels, 20, on Sunday evening at the Sandton hotel, South Africa where her two sons were staying. Pictures circulating online show Engels with deep cuts to her forehead and the back of her head. Though the victim has lodged the matter with the police, as Woman desk we condemn such barbaric acts on women.

I will simply be frank and say women need to act with grace. At the level of a First Lady, there are certain things you should not do. How do you hit someone’s child in the first place as a mother? This drives me to a point, how should a woman act with grace in spite of challenges? We should start thinking of ourselves in the way we want to be perceived. The moment you start thinking about that, then everything else will fall in place. We all have those moments when we have responded inappropriately and would wish to take those moments back. This means that we should be very mindful of what we do and how they affect others.

Another thing, which we should possess to make us graceful, is self-control. We should always try to restrain ourselves in situations where anger pushes us to act stupid. We should also try not to give a thought of what others think about us as it can kill your confidence. A woman is passionate about life and has the ability to love herself and others. As you focus on yourself, you automatically learn to love others.

So let’s handle our emotions like business and command the right kind of attention and praise. This world needs women who are strong and gentle. You can be humble yet so fierce and rational. I don’t know about other faiths but Christianity commands us to be humble. The moment you act with humility, God lifts you up. Humility means being able to embrace people from different social and economic backgrounds and blending easily.

We should demonstrate respect wherever we are, embrace our strengths and accept our weaknesses. And when out there, let us strive to give our best. So whatever you do out there, know that somebody is watching so it is up to you to be a good role model or not. So let’s not act with disgrace like Grace Mugabe.