Sunday, September 10, 2017

Raising a child who is God fearing

Patmo Junior School Standard Seven pupils on

Patmo Junior School Standard Seven pupils on their graduation day before they sat for Primary Leaving Exams this week. Photo | File 

By Young Citizen

It is every parent’s wish to raise a child who is respectful and God fearing.

When children are God-fearing it is not only a source of pride and joy to the families where these children come from but the entire community as well.

Much as it is believed to be a parent’s responsibility; it is also a teacher’s job to make sure children are raised in a proper way.

Last week at Patmo Junior School ninth graduation it became one of the leading issues that dominated the celebrations. On this day several parents turned out to wish the Standard Seven pupils all the best as they prepared for their national exams

The ceremony was graced by Halima Mussa on behalf of Ilala Zone Manager Finca Microfinance Bank who witnessed a parade that was organized in her honor by the scouts.

The 18 grandaunts were dressed black suits that made them look very elegant and they seemed ready for what is ahead of them.

Their head teacher Charles Adam called upon the children to behave the way the school has taught them during the Seven years they had been at Patmo.

This he said would help them become better and responsible citizens in future when they grow up.

“I want to advise these children to make sure that they love and tolerate one another, have mercy, wisdom, and respect to everyone,” he said.

“Whenever you are guilty of something, make sure you forgive yourself and forgive other people too because we all learn through mistakes. Apart from that don’t waste your time doing unnecessary things. Work hard if you want to succeed,” he noted

According to their class teacher Denis Jonathan though their school is not a religious school, they teach them about God because knowing God will make them respect elders and the authorities in this modern culture.

“We give them education and raise them spiritually because we believe teaching children about God leads to a lifelong bond with Him and when they grow up they do the same,”

The school administration awarded school certificate and other presents to the best pupils as Deborah Silas Danda emerged the overall winner.

When asked the secret behind success she said that their teachers always ask them to put God first before doing anything else and to study hard.

Mary Kamene, is a parent advised children to accept responsibilities, choose thcarefully what they say when speaking to other people, to be positive because no one is perfect, be good listener, to discuss but don’t argue, turn their promise into commitment and be grateful in life.

At the party, pupils from different classes performed and danced to different songs but the traditional dance from grade 3, 4 and 5 was in a class of its own.

The pupils dance Rwandese traditional dance as the audience rose to their feet cheering the graceful dance.

Apart from the dances and other forms of entertainment there were also other activities such as the science exhibition, drama, and a fashion show.