Entrepreneur’s secret in business

Tuesday May 14 2019

Julius Landu Bulili

Julius Landu Bulili 

By Julius Bulili

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone. Most successful business owners will tell you they could not have accomplished their goals without help--from a mentor, colleague, and etcetera. For many, their ability to evaluate, internalize and act on the counsel they received was instrumental in getting their companies off the ground.

It is evidently that most successful entrepreneurs in this world have admitted to have taped some pieces of wisdom from other trusted people in realizing their ideas. Dennis Crowley, CEO of Foursquare, still cites the advice his mother gave him repeatedly as a child: to follow his heart. It is all about doing what you really love, and the rest will definitely come along. That “thing” you love, naturally images as an “Idea”. It is now, your task to look for inputs that would help you to renovate that idea into reality!

In this editorial, allow me to be your mentor who will provide a final push to your call for realizing your idea. What makes an entrepreneur is not knowing everything about business, but rather being passionate and fearless, in fact, there is no ‘right time’ to take the leap; you can take it at any point in your life, and you should. Based on this notion, you will be free from over-thinking every decision or opportunity that comes your way, leaving you more focused and nimble.

Literally, if someone funded your company, they funded your ideas and vision; your job is therefore to revolve that capital into the thing that’s in your head. Importantly, you need to be consistent and stick to your vision. Hey!! Do not let other people tell you that your ideas are bad. Be positive and faithful in yourself in order to realize this idea.

Now that you are ready to start up towards realising your idea, it is imperative to have right people with you, the sailor of your boat. No matter how great an idea is, success in business is more about the sailor than the boat. A great entrepreneur can take a bad idea and turn it into something incredible, which means, whereas ideas are important, it’s even more critical to have the right people in the right positions to execute them. You need to surround yourself with a great team, while building it slowly. Your team is one of your most important investments and if you are careful about hiring only the best people, it will definitely pay dividends.

There are countless risks associated with being a small-business owner, and one of the biggest is staffing. Nobody is going to love your business as much as you do, so you have to protect it.

As an entrepreneur you need to consistently spend most of your time looking forward. In the casino industry, where fortunes change literally overnight, reflecting on the past does little good, aside from providing context for future decisions. On top of that, strive at creating teams that have an understanding of not only what they are doing but, most importantly, why they are doing it, is critical!!

Above all, remember, you are saving customers and/or consumers!! It is easy to focus on transactions, especially when you’re struggling to start a company. But this is when it is most important to remember that your customers are people, with passion to fulfill their need.

Take a second to recognize that. The better you understand your customer, the higher the probability of success. The tune applies to every aspect of life as an entrepreneur, from the way you treat colleagues to the way you interact with investors.