Majaliwa: Use power to generate income

Tuesday May 22 2018


By Haika Kimaro & Mwanja Ibadi @TheCitizenTZ

Lindi. Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has urged Tanzanians to use electricity effectively to generate income.

Mr Majaliwa made the call yesterday during the launch of a national grid’s power transmission station meant to serve Mtwara and Lindi regions at Maumbuka village in Lindi.

“There is no reason for our towns to be in total darkness. You must strive to access power because connection fees are very low nowadays,” the Premier said.

“You need electricity for security purposes and income generation. I have good feeling that you will take advantage of this opportunity.”

He called for district executive directors to ensure that all government entities offering social services such as schools, hospitals and health centres are connected to power.

“Electricity must be connected to all primary and secondary schools, teachers houses as well as health centres,” he said.


The Premier said he was also looking forward to seeing all areas with water supply stations, which need electricity are connected to power.

“Electricity is here, so you must purchase electricity convertors or water pumping machines that use electricity to replace the use of fossil fuels,” he said.

He said the connection of public hospitals with electricity will also help to improve health services.

“When the hospital is connected with electricity, you and your family should just go for treatment, our aim is to make all Tanzanians to benefit,” he said.

He called for all investors to understand that all doors for development are open and they should use this opportunity.

“I am sure that any investors who was interested to invest in Lindi and Mtwara but he/she was fearing over lack of energy, they are now being invited as this problem is over now,” he said.

He called for all people to make sure that electricity infrastructures are protected at any cost, promising that all whistle blowers will be protected at any cost.

He said the government has spent a lot of taxpayers’ money to construct these infrastructures but there are dishonest people who conduct scrap metal businesses who sometime vandalise infrastructure.