Majaliwa: Our security organs capable of probing Lissu’s shooting

Thursday November 9 2017


By Valentine Oforo @TheCitizenTz

Dodoma. Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa, on November 9, refuted allegations that the government is not willing to probe the controversial incidence of attempted assassination of the Singida East MP, Mr Tundu Lissu.

Mr Lissu, who was shot several times on September 7 at his Dodoma home by assailants who are yet to be identified, is the opposition Chief Whip in the parliament and President of the Tanganyika Law Society (TLS).

Speaking in the parliament yesterday, Mr Majaliwa ruled out any chance for the government to seek support from international intelligence agencies to help the state investigate the matter, saying local intelligence securities were capable of doing so effectively.

The Premier gave the assurance and clarification in his responses to questions asked by the leader of the Opposition Camp in the parliament, Mr Freeman Mbowe during a session of direct questions to him.

In his key question, Mr Mbowe wanted the government to state publicly what steps it has so far taken into investigation of the shooting of Mr Lissu.

 “Prime Minister, it’s at least two months now since Mr Tundu Lissu was shot by unknown assailants, but the government seems to be unwilling to investigate the matter which, despite tarnishing the country’s longstanding reputation and peace, it has resulted into hatred and mistrust between politicians. What is the government saying and doing over the shooting?” he asked.


He spoke also over a spate of humiliation of political leaders from the opposition side and he wondered why the government has always been silent about it.

“We are still in the dark over the disappearance of my assistant, Mr Ben Saanane, followed by assassination of chairperson of Chadema for Geita region Mr Alphonce Mawazo. I have been talking about these incidents with you severally on how best to conduct investigations, but unfortunately, all my efforts have been in vain,” he told the Premier.

In his response, Mr Majaliwa assured the public that the government was equally concerned with such incidents. But, he said the issue of Mr Lissu should not be linked with politics because there are several families of normal Tanzanians that have also experienced the same fate.

However, he reminded Mr Mbowe that even CCM has suffered the same, referring to the killing of the Retired Major General of the Tanzania People's Defence Forces (TPDF), Mr Vincent Mritaba, a spate of killings in Mkuranga, Kibiti and Rufiji.

“These incidents have neither affected the opposition nor CCM only, but has affected everyone, so it’s a national problem. We all need to stick to stick together. We have to put our political affiliations aside and find a lasting solution to end such incidents,” he said.

He expressed that the government was working around the clock to investigate such incidents, but asked Mr Mbowe to be patient and trust that that the government working on the matter with a view to putting an end to such incidents, which shame the nation.

However, Mr Mbowe was not content with Majaliwa’s response, saying answered generally to a specific matter.

“Mr Prime Minister, my question was specific. It was about the shooting of my MP, Mr Tundu Lissu, but your answers are to general. Please, I need you to tell the public what steps has your government taken as far as investigation of Mr Lissu is concerned? Why doesn’t the government seek assistance from international intelligence securities? Why has it been so difficult for government to allow this?” he grilled the Premier in his supplementary question.

In his short response, Mr Majaliwa insisted that the shooting of Lissu was a concern for the government. “Mr Lissu is one of our lawmakers, so we are very concerned following the attack. No one wished such an incident would have happened; please, trust me, and I am reassuring you that the matter will be solved.” he said.