Clergymen, lawmakers, in the list of men who abandoned their parental responsibilities

What you need to know:

  • The religious leaders and politicians have been named by some women who have turned up at Dar es Salaam RC offices to complain about men who have abandoned them

Dar es Salaam. Some 61 out of 480 women who were attended on April 9 at Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner offices have named religious leaders and members of Parliament as men who made them pregnant.

Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Mr Paul Makonda, said on April 10 that the women claim to have been made pregnant by religious leaders and politicians who later dumped them.

He made the remarks in Dar es Salaam during the national inauguration of cervical cancer vaccination officiated by the Vice President, Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan.

Under the drive, which has been launched at Zakheem grounds in Mbagala, Dar es Salaam girls aged 14 and above, will be vaccinated.

Clarifying, Mr Makonda said 47 women claim that their children were fathered by Members of Parliament while 14 women claim that they were made pregnant by religious leaders.

"In 2017 in Dar es Salaam a total of 129,347 women delivered but 60 percent of them were abandoned by men who made them pregnant. On the other hand, a total of 274 babies were abandoned before they were located and rescued by Good Samaritans. That is why we have embarked on this drive to ensure that men resume their responsibilities,” he said.