If you’re in Dar es Salaam, don’t try to travel to these places today!

Monday April 16 2018
Rain 1

Dar es Salaam. It is utter chaos in some areas of Dar es Salaam today, Monday, 16 April 2018, as some roads are virtually impassable to vehicular traffic and pedestrians alike due to flooding following nearly three days of incessant rains – which are still falling as you read this!

Forget about continued closure of the Jangwani section of the Morogoro Road which was submerged under rainwater. For one thing, this forced the Uda Rapid Transit (Udart) to suspend commuter bus services to and from the city centre…

The situation is worse today, with vehicles spending up to four hours to move over a distance of some 20 kilometres!

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The areas to avoid if you are driving around in Dar es Salaam today include: Nyerere Road – more specifically: the stretch between the Tazara flyover and the Banana area – as well as the Old Bagamoyo Road, especially the area between Shoppers Plaza and Kwa Mwalimu Nyerere.

If you are driving a small vehicle, you would also think twice before you start driving to the Muhimbili National Hospital via the United Nations Road.


From Mbezi Louis, you would be well-advised to think twice before driving via Goba. Similarly, the lower road leading to Mbezi Beach is in a poor state.

If you reside at Kigamboni, you may end up paying twice if you decide to go home via the multi-billion shilling Nyerere Bridge across the channel. As soon as you cross the bridge to Kigamboni, the road connecting the 680-meter long bridge across the Indian Ocean is too muddy for small vehicles to easily negotiate.

You are advised to avoid that route as well.