Rains force price of goat meat to rise

Monday April 16 2018


By Alfred Zacharia & Halili Letea @azacharia3 azacharia@tz.nationmedia.com

Dar es Salaam. Consumers of goat meat are now forced to dig deeper into their pockets during this rainy season due to shortage of its supply.


The price of one goat, which stood at Sh80,000 last Thursday, has now risen to Sh120,000 because of the non-stop rains that make it difficult to transport the goats to the Dar es Salaam market.


Sales of goats are now held in stores as other open-market places are flooded.

Mr Salehe Ally, a goat seller at Vingunguti Relini, said the sales in his area has plunged from an average of 200 goats to 50 goats per day.


"We get very few customers since the rains started pounding the city with some of them assuming that we no longer sell goats here. Sales are now done in stores where not everyone can access," he said.


According to him, the Vingunguti market has a capacity of accommodating at least 1000 goats per day.


"We are forced to stand on the road looking for customers. Once a customer appears, we take him to the store," he explained.


Mr Ally added that due to the shortage and high demand of the goats, the price of goats has also gone up, disclosing that they also went up by Sh40,000.


He then, requested the government to allocate specific areas for goat sales.


"We have no a specific place allocated for this business that is why when things turn out bad, we suffer like this," he complained.