Public schools close down as seven people die over floods

Monday April 16 2018


By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. More than seven people have died due to floods that have been caused by the incessant downpour of the past three days in Dar es Salaam, the Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda has said. The rains that have been pouring consistently since Saturday have also demolished houses and destroyed some transport infrastructure.


Speaking while inspecting areas affected by the rains today Monday RC Makonda also urged parents not to send their children to school, today Monday and tomorrow, Tuesday.


“I have told responsible authorities to close down public schools. It is not convenient to send children to school in this situation where vehicles are so prone to accidents and the infrastructure of some schools has been destroyed. Let’s protect these children’s lives,” Mr Makonda noted.


He said most of those victims of the floods were those living in lowland areas. He urged people to shift from the valleys to other places.