You stand to lose if you harass investors, warns chamber of commerce

Saturday November 10 2018


By Janeth Joseph TheCitizenTZ

Moshi.  Some government leaders have been warned against harassing investors as by doing so they would be chasing away capital and jobs.

That was said by chairman of the Kilimanjaro chapter of the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA), Mr Patrick Shirima, recently.

He was speaking to participants in the 23rd TCCIA General Meeting here.

He said harassing investors would simply force them to invest somewhere else.

He said delivering harsh announcements against investors in media was dangerous as it would lead to withdrawal of capital and jobs.

However, TCCIA regional executive officer Boniface Mariki urged investors to observe laws and regulations.

He also concurred with Mr Shirima that using the media to harass investors would simply scare them away.