Aga Khan Development Network plan to improve 24 public health centres in Mwanza

Tuesday March 12 2019


By Ngollo John @ThecitizenTZ

Mwanza. The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) has started its plan of improving 24 public health facilities in Mwanza Region. The plan includes putting up rooms for males to wait for their female partners in labour.

The planned works will target Reproductive Child Health (RCH) units, 4 maternity wings (with minor theaters), 2 postnatal wards, 13 delivery units and 4 operating theaters as per the requirements of the specific facilities.

Speaking to The Citizen during the celebration of the International Women’s Day held at Bujora in Magu District, Dr Benardin Ngaila, said the improvement of the health centers will go in hand with establishing modern toilets and will take into consideration requirements of people with disabilities.

“Most health facilities have no waiting rooms for males when their partners go in labour rooms. Therefore, we have come with this plan,” she said.

Apart from the improvement, the project has also provided training to 716 community health care providers in Mwanza who will assist in efforts to eliminate child mortality.

He further informed that, the community health care providers will each be with a bicycle worth Sh91 million, back packs and file folders to help them record their daily reports.


For her part, Health minister Ummy Mwalimu urged male parents to stop negative attitudes towards women and instead help them for their developments and the country at large.

During the event, Ms Ummy warned all employers who fire and/or demote pregnant workers from work saying stern measures will be taken against them.