Deposit-taking ATMs now deployed by DTB

Monday December 17 2018

A customer depositing cash through Diamond

A customer depositing cash through Diamond Trust Bank’s newly introduced cash-accepting ATMs. PHOTO | COURTESY 

By The Citizen Reporter @TheCitizenTZ

Zanzibar. Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) Tanzania has deployed automatic teller machines (ATMs) with cash acceptance capability as the bank embarks on digital journey that will help deliver its services using hi-tech.

The ATMs were introduced in various locations within the cities of Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, according to a statement issued by the lender.

“These machines are deployed to conveniently serve customers 24 hours a day, even beyond the regular bank operational hours,” the statement noted.

DTB Tanzania CEO & country manager Mr Viju Cherian said: “We have embarked on a digital journey by deploying the technology in serving our customers conveniently and safely. Through simple step by step guide, customers are able to make deposits to any accounts within the bank through the cash deposit ATMs.”

Customers willing to deposit cash in the machine will follow simple instructions from the screen that begins with feeding-in correct account number if the transaction is initiated without using a Debit Card. The notes must be sorted out first before initiating deposit process as crumpled, soiled and defaced notes may be returned. The machine accepts all denominations. Mr Cherian added that “other services available in cash deposit ATMs including cash withdrawal, balance enquiry and access to mini statement which can also be printed upon request by the customers. The ATMs with cash acceptance capability are available in Dar es Salaam City”.