Fuel prices down for city motorists

Thursday September 6 2018


By Halili Letea @hletea news@tz.natuionmedia.com

Dar es Salaam. City motorists will pay less on petrol and diesel, following the announced fall of fuel indicative prices for September by the Energy and Water Regulatory Authority (Ewura).

The announcement made by Ewura yesterday showed that the prices for petrol, diesel and kerosene which were imported through Dar es Salaam Port went down by 0.43 per cent, 0.83 per cent and 1.05 per cent, respectively, compared to those announced on August 01.

A litre of petrol will now cost Sh10 less, while price for diesel will be Sh19 less per litre than previous prices. The price of kerosene dropped by Sh24.

“The decrease in prices is attributed to the decrease of oil prices in the world market for July 2018, compared with those of June 2018,” Ewura noted.

Following the fall in prices, Dar es Salaam consumers will now pay Sh2,373, Sh2,273 and Sh2,247 per a litre of petrol, diesel and kerosene, respectively, down from last month’s Sh2,384, Sh2,292 and Sh2,271.

However, Ewura has noted that retail prices for petrol and diesel in northern regions, which imports their consignment through Tanga port have increased by 5.11 per cent (Sh114) and 4.7 per cent (Sh102) respectively.

The price increase in the northern regions was attributed to the increase in oil prices in the world market for the month of July 2018 compared to that of March 2018, which was the last oil consignment imported through Tanga Port.

New petrol, diesel and kerosene prices in Tanga will be Sh2,348, Sh2,270 and Sh2,225 respectively, while motorists in Arusha will pay Sh2,405, Sh2,326 and Sh2,282.

Meanwhile prices of petrol and diesel in the southern regions will remain unchanged from those announced last month.