Passion fruit prices nearly double

Wednesday September 5 2018

A farmer harvests passion fruits. PHOTO | NMG

A farmer harvests passion fruits. PHOTO | NMG 

By Ludger Kasumuni @TheCitizenTZ

Dar es Salaam. Passion fruit prices have jumped by 40 per cent in a month in almost all city markets due to low supply.

A survey conducted yesterday at Kariako, Ilala, Buguruni and Tandale markets showed that in the first week of August retail prices per kilo were between Sh1,500 and Sh1,600. In the first week of this month prices range from Sh2,500 and 2,600 a kilo.

A retailer at the Buguruni market, Mr Issa Yusuf, told The Citizen that they have been compelled to raise prices due to the fact that there is only one source of supply: Lushoto. “In previous months there were bumper harvests in Kisarawe and Mkuranga that had brought fairly stable retail prices of between Sh1,000 and 1,500,” said Mr Yusuf.

According to him, retailers at the moment purchase a bag of 50 kilos at Sh100,000 from the wholesalers based at Ilala market, while in July the same bag was bought at Sh75,000.

The survey also showed that in city suburbs like Tabata-Kimanga, Segerea and Kinyerezi a kilo of passion fruit is sold at between Sh3,000 and Sh3,200.

Kariakoo statistician Shanyangi Deogratius said declining supply is the basic factor for the price rise.

“This is low season for this type of fruits. The season with high supply is between May and July,” Mr Deogratius said.

According to nutritionists, passion fruit is popular, especially among those who are health conscious.

Despite its small size, it is a rich source of antioxidants and contains a range of vitamins and plant compounds that could benefit your health.