CCM among Africa’s longest ruling parties at 39 today

Saturday February 6 2016


By Matern Kayera, Mwananchi Digital __

Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) celebrated its 39th anniversary since establishment in Tanzania’s central region of Singida at Namfua grounds Friday and Saturday.

CCM was established on February 5, 1977 following the merging of independence parties of Tanganyika African National Party (Tanu) and Afro-Shirazi Party (ASP).

Speaking at the event, President John Magufuli said his government was implementing ruling party’s election manifesto. He challenged all public servants to work towards the vision as highlighted in the party document.

Dr Magufuli also urged regional and district commissioners and district executive directors to ensure that all primary schools in their areas had enough desks.

He cautioned them that the desk matter would be used as one of the factors to determine whether they deserved the positions or not.

However, party chairman Jakaya Kikwete said that CCM was the national party as it has spread across the country, and has representatives from all groups of people in the country regardless of their religious faith, ethnicity or life station; and that its members come from all zones, regions, colours and religions.


Either Kikwete warned mercenaries in the party that they were wasting their time as their days were numbered. He said that the victory of 73 per cent they got in the last general elections at the civic poll level showed that CCM was still strong and well received by the people.

About Zanzibar political crisis, he urged all CCM members to get prepared for March poll re-run.