Embrace private sector, govt advised

Friday March 9 2018

TPSF chairman, Mr Reginald Mengi

TPSF chairman, Mr Reginald Mengi  

By Alex Malanga @ChiefMalanga amalanga@tz.nationmedia.com

Dar es Salaam. United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (Unido) director general Li Yong has said that the country should embrace the Public Private Partnership in order to realise the national five-year development plan (FYDP).

The remark was made yesterday during the private sector business luncheon, which was organised by the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF).

Tanzania is now implementing the second FYDP with a view to fostering industrialisation for transformation of the economy.

Mr Yong, who is in the country with the aim of meeting government officials and private sector stakeholders, will listen and learn how the two were operating in the implementation of the FYDP.

According to him, the support from the private sector is of paramount importance in fast-tracking large scale industrialisation.

“Strategies and plans by the government need to be understood by all people otherwise the goal will not be achieved,” noted Mr Yong.

The move, according to him, would accelerate the country to an inclusive economy, which would help create more jobs.

His remarks were echoed by the TPSF chairman, Mr Reginald Mengi on the grounds that despite the fact that many economies especially, the Sub-Saharan economies, showing a strong growth rate in recent years, it has not always translated into inclusive wealth creation.

He said economic development had continued to depend on the extraction of natural resources and on low-skilled labour, which in turn resulted into a weak manufacturing base and uneven distribution of wealth.

“The private sector and the business community at large give significant importance to the development of industrial enterprises as well as its forward and backward sectorial linkages,” noted Mr Mengi.

The private sector also emphasises on coping with technological advancement and innovation as key drivers of competition.

Mr Mengi was optimistic that Unido will forge strategic partnership with the government and its private sector in order to fuel and fast-track industrial transformation.

He cited areas like industrial parks as a starting point and thereafter exploring possibilities of scaling up into broader coverage.

“We applaud Unido support for the development of the private sector in Tanzania. We remember your technical support in establishing the public private dialogue mechanism framework especially the Tanzania National Business Council we have today,” noted Mr Mengi.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr Augustine Mahiga called on the Unido to assist the government and private sector to become true partners.

“We are embarking on industrialisation trajectory. We invite you to assist us so that we can attain success,” pointed out Dr Mahiga.

Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment Charles Mwijage commended Mr Yong, saying his visit came at a time when the country’s focus was geared towards industrialisation and economic development.

He revealed that the Unido showed interests to support Tanzania in construction of a special economic zone.