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Hamad faction loyalists downplay CUF meeting

Thursday March 14 2019


By Muhammed Khamis,Mwananchi mkhamis@mwananchi.co.tz

Zanzibar. A section of CUF members loyal to the Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad faction have stuck to their guns that come rain or shine, they will not succumb to the rival faction.

Their remarks of allegiance come at the time when the rival faction led by Prof Ibrahim Lipumba, who is apparently recognised by the registrar of political parties, is holding the party’s general meeting in Dar es Salaam.

 Speaking on different occasions, the Isles CUF members expressed their bitterness over the ongoing controversial general meeting, which has seen members re-elect beleaguered Prof Libumba as the national chairman.

According to them, the Prof Lipumba-led ordinary meeting contravened the CUF constitution, stressing they were in full support of the secretary general, Mr Hamad.

“We unfazed by what is happening in Dar es Salaam. After all, that meeting is fake and we are in full support of Mr Hamad. If they decide to kick him out, we will go with him wherever he wants,” said Chakechake District secretary, Saleh Nassor Juma.

 “Those who think that by installing Prof Lipumba as the national chairman is the way to win support from our loyal members, should think otherwise. We are not ready to work with the betrayer,’ he said.

CUF youth wing (Juvicuf) secretary Mahmoud Mahinda said they were at the point of no return, insisting that if  the Prof Lipumba faction shows him the door, they will be with him wherever he will be.

“There is no turning back, we will support Mr Hamad for whatever decision he will make,” he said.

CUF national council member Hija Hassan Hija said the meeting held by the Prof Lipumba faction was a clear act of contravening the party’s constitution.

“The ongoing meeting cannot derail us. We have many platforms where we can raise our voices over what is going on. Besides, Tanzania is not short of political parties, we can make some bold decisions and continue demanding our rights from there,” he said.