MP urges govt to remove VAT on alternative energy sources

Thursday June 21 2018


By John Namkwahe @johnteck3

Dar es Salaam. The government has been urged to remove Value Added Tax (VAT) on alternative sources of energy like gas with a view to discouraging excessive consumption of charcoal.

The remarks were made by Ms Jacqueline Ngonyani (Special Seats MP-CCM)  on Thursday, June 21, during the questions and answers session in Parliament.

She noted that excessive cutting of trees (deforestation) was causing numerous environmental problems.

“Cutting of trees is mainly due to charcoal production. What plans does the government have to deal with the problem? To address the matter, I urge the government to remove VAT on alternative sources of energy such as gas to discourage production of charcoal,” she said.

Responding to the remarks, deputy minister of State in the Vice President's Office (Union Affairs and Environment) Mr Kangi Lugola stated: “Even the CCM Manifesto directs the government to encourage the use of alternative sources of energy. I, therefore, assure you all that the government will continue to encourage people to use alternative sources of energy.”

Mr Lugalo who is also the MP for Mwibara (CCM) further expounded that every citizen had the obligation to conserve the environment, calling on citizens to join hands with the government to conserve the environment.

“The problem is the mindset of citizens themselves. They can do a lot to help the government in conserving the environment,” he said.

The deputy minister also established that the government was determined to avail sufficient funds to facilitate implementation of public environmental conservation campaigns across the country.

He made the remarks when responding to an additional question raised by Mtwara Rural MP Hawa Ghasia (CCM) who sought to know the government’s plans to enhance sustainable environmental conservation campaigns.

He further called on regional environmental officials to enforce regulations governing the conservation of the environment.