Massive changes coming in CCM

Thursday March 09 2017

Dodoma. Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) will hold extraordinary meetings for three days to make major changes in its constitution and some of its regulations.

Sunday will be the climax as the party convenes its extraordinary general congress, which is mandated to pass the changes.

Among the changes is that no one in the party will be allowed to hold more than one leadership post, be it within the party or outside.

This has already forced some changes within the longest ruling political party in Africa with some top leaders announcing their decision not to contest for leadership posts, which they hold.

There are a number of CCM leaders, who are holding two leadership positions either in the party or in the government.

The changes will also force party wings to amend their constitutions in order to align with the party’s constitution. For instance, according to the Women’s Wing (UWT) constitution, the chairperson and secretary-general automatically become Members of Parliament.


Under the proposed changes, number of NEC members will be reduced from 388 to 158. Number of members to the Central Committee has also been trimmed from 34 to 24.

Apart from those who will become CCM members by virtue of their positions, there will only be six CC members to be elected by NEC, three from Mainland and three from Zanzibar. Earlier, CC comprised of not more than 14 members elected by NEC as well as not more than five members appointed by the national chairman.

The changes also seek to reduce the number of party official meetings. Under the new arrangements, NEC will now meet after six months as opposed to four months under the current regime. However, there will be a need, NEC meeting might be called.

The extraordinary general congress is also expected to prepare and release a time table for the party elections to be convened later this year.

This is the first CCM General Congress to be convened under the chairmanship of President John Magufuli.