Monduli inseminates 400 cows in plan to improve livestock productivity

Friday November 9 2018


By Mussa Juma @TheCitizenTZ

Monduli. A project on improving livestock productivity has been launched in Monduli District, Arusha.

Four hundred cows have been inseminated in the project being implemented by Manyara Ranch Trust to improve productivity of over 20,000 livestock.

The ranch’s manager, Fidelis Ole Kashe, said there were over 400 modern Boran bulls for inseminating local cattle.

According to him, if the project goes as expected, the district will become a role model in Tanzania.

"Many livestock keepers have no skills in cattle insemination and have no cash as well for purchasing Boran bulls for inseminating their livestock. That’s we have started a programme to inseminate their livestock in our ranch," said Kashe.

He said the project started at Isilalei and Oltukai villages, which had 27,155 head of cattle. Already 400 cows have been inseminated.