Msigwa faces grilling over remarks

Tuesday May 07 2019

The Iringa Urban MP, Mr Peter Msigwa, (Chadema)

Dodoma. The government has directed the Police Force to summon the Iringa Urban Member of Parliament (MP), Mr Peter Msigwa, (Chadema) for interrogation over the missing of opposition activist, Mr Mdude Nyagali.
The directive was made yesterdays in the august House by Home Affairs deputy minister, Mr Hamad Masauni.
This follows Mr Msigwa’s remarks that the outspoken critic of Tanzanian President John Magufuli was abducted by armed men around his office at Vwawa town, Mbozi District in Songwe Region.
On Sunday, the main opposition party, Chadema reported about the disappearance of Mr Nyagali.
Immediately after the question and answer session, Mr Msigwa asked the presiding officer, Mr Andrew Chenge, to postpone for a while the usual parliamentary businesses and discuss about the disappearance of Mr Nyagali.
Mr Msigwa said the incident had been reported to law enforcers but the police refused to open the file for the case.
“So far we don’t know about the whereabouts of Mr Mdude, who was snatched off the road by armed men in Mbozi District,” claimed Mr Msigwa.
The government’s Chief Whip in Parliament Jenista Mhagama requested Mr Chenge to allow Home Affairs minister to respond over the matter.
In response, Mr Masauni denied allegation that Mr Nyagali was abducted and that the police refused to open the file.
“We have not taken the matter lightly as you think. The file has been opened and as I speak, we have already launched an investigation over the matter,” he reacted.
He added: “It seems that Mr Msigwa has information over  Mdude’s disappearance. As a matter of fact, I direct the police to interrogate him.”
This in turn fuelled some MPs to booed him as a sign of dissatisfaction his reaction over the disappearance of the Chadema member. This forced Mr Chenge to intervene and request the Parliament to wait for investigation.
“Let’s be calm, to pave a way for investigation. However, we should be regularly updated about the progress of investigation,” said Mr Chenge.