Mwanza mayor asks to meet JPM privately

Tuesday October 31 2017


By Ngollo John @TheCitizenTz

The mayor of Mwanza City Council, Mr James Bwire, has claimed that he was arrested on Monday, October 30, while at Mwanza airport where he was waiting to receive President Magufuli.

Mr Bwire, who said he was detained due to his war against corruption and did not go into details with regard to his allegations, revealed this at Igogo during a public rally, which was addressed by President John Magufuli.

The mayor added that he wanted to meet President Magufuli in person to tell him ‘what was in his heart’.

Mr Bwire was arrested on Tuesday, October 30, following an order by Regional Crimes Officer Faustine Shilogile. He was detained for over six hours before he was released on bail.

“When I was at Mwanza airport to receive the President, I was arrested by two police officers who claimed that they were ordered to do so by the RCO,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the rally.

“Although I am not aware why I was arrested, I believe that I was held due to my resolve to fight corruption in the city council,” added Mr Bwire.

According to him, he has been involved in a conflict with Mwanza City Council Executive Director Kiomoni Kibamba.

“The conflict started when I unearthed a scandal in a project to construct a modern dumpsite in Buhongwa,” said Mr Bwire.

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