New CEOrt outlines his priorities

Wednesday June 13 2018

New Chairman of the Chief Executive Officer

New Chairman of the Chief Executive Officer Round Table (CEOrt) Board Mr Sanjay Rughani 

By Alfred Zacharia @azacharia3

Dar es Salaam. New Chairman of the Chief Executive Officer Round Table (CEOrt) Board Mr Sanjay Rughani has outlined his commitment to building a strong partnership of private sector in implementing a country’s mission of becoming a middle income by 2025.

He is persistent to use his abilities, talents and experiences he achieved from his previous job careers he conducted within and outside the country to maintain close cooperation between the public and private sectors with the view of accelerating economic growth in a sustainable manner.

“I am optimistic that, through a series of dialogue meetings with Government leaders and Development Partners, I will accomplish what my ex-chairman was started,” he told journalists on Tuesday night.

Apart from this new job, Mr. Rughani is currently the CEO for Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) in Tanzania. He joined SCB in 1999 and has held various key positions with the bank, including Interim Head – Global Finance Shared Services (FSSC), Head of Finance Operations and Change Management for Africa.

Before his new title as Chairman of CEOrt board, he was an Executive Director Finance for Ghana and Area CFO (Ghana, Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Cote d'Ivoire), Executive Director Finance for SCB Tanzania, and Regional Finance Manager for Africa (based in London).

Mr. Rughani has also held important positions, such as a Non-Executive Director for Standard Chartered Bank Uganda, he is also a past Chairman of the Ghana Business Coalition, Chairman of Tanzania Building Agency (TBA), and as a founding member of the FSSC Forum in Kenya.

Again, during a meeting of the Board of Directors held on 6th September 2017, Rughani was appointed a member of the Board of Directors of the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania to be the new Chairman, replacing Mr Ali Mufuruki.

“I created many friends who I am positive that will assist me in my new roles, making sure that we support the government to establishing policies that are suitable for private sector, ” he said with a confidence to attain the goal.