Optimism high as Tanzania’s conjoined twins join university

Thursday September 14 2017

Conjoined twins Maria and Consolata Mwakikuti

Conjoined twins Maria and Consolata Mwakikuti arrive at the Ruaha Catholic University campus in Iringa Town yesterday. PHOTO | AGENCIES 

By Berdina Majinge @TheCitizenTZ news@thecitizen.co.tz

Iringa. It was a dream come true for the conjoined twins Maria and Consolata as they made their first day at university Wednesday to pursue their goal of becoming teachers.

They were grateful to their lecturers for the warm welcome accorded to them in addition to the suitable learning and living environment that has been prepared for them at Ruaha Catholic University (Rucu).

They arrived at the institution ahead of other students to try and cope with the environment and get ready for their academic path ahead of them. They start their computer lessons today.

The twins said it was all thanks to Consolata Missionaries that they have reached this stage of their life. The missionaries brought them up and encouraged them as they pursued their elementary education.

The girls, residents of Iringa, were thankful to their sponsors who have offered to cover their education expenses.

A nun at Consolata Missionaries, Sr Jane Lugi, said the twins’ arrival at university before all other students would enable them to prepare ahead so as to cope with the others.


“We cared for these twins way back when they were still in Kilolo District. I’m sure they will live a normal life here at university. Sisters of Theresia have prepared a good home for them. We are satisfied with what has been put in place for them and wish them all the best,’’ said Sr Lugi.

Three rooms have been prepared for the conjoined twins, which include a sitting room and a kitchen, all fully furnished.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration, Fr Kelvin Haule, expressed his joy upon receiving the twins at the university.

He said the academic year begins at the end of October but computer classes start today.

Ruaha Catholic University’s computer tutor Robert Manase promised to guide the twins well as they embark on their computer lessons. “I have come to learn that Maria and Consolata have basic knowledge of computer but because of their nature, I know we have more time and I will do my best to teach them more things regarding computer, this is why they are here earlier than the rest,” said the computer tutor.