Owl spotting in the parliament resurfaces

Wednesday February 6 2019


Dar. The spotting of an owl in the parliament resurfaced during the commemoration of law day, as the speaker of the National assembly branded the creature as ‘the special guest’.

“We are continuing with the national assembly sessions in Dodoma...As you might have seen on media we received a special guest during the session, when an owl entered the debating chamber,” said Mr Ndugai.

Responding the president urged religious leaders and other citizens to remember God, when discharging their responsibilities, in order to prevent the owl from entering their lives.

The owls are associated to witchcraft beliefs in most of African communities.

The owl found its way into Tanzania’s Parliament on Tuesday, January 29, 2019.

It was spotted solitary on the roof inside the Parliament of Tanzania.


The owl, a nocturnal bird, didn’t leave the August House despite several attempts by Parliament officials to evict it.

Though the way the owl made its way into the lawmakers’ building remains a mystery, its presence in the House did not go unnoticed by the Speaker of Parliament, Mr Job Ndugai.

“Honarable Members of Parliament (MPs), we started seeing an owl in this House since morning but in the tradition of people of Dodoma, an owl that is seen during daytime cannot have any effect on anyone. This means that we have nothing to worry about its presence,” he was quoted as saying that day.

The Speaker’s utterance was an apparent attempt to dispel some fears among MPs and officials who may not have been at ease to see the owl inside the debating chamber.

Though Tanzania is known for being a God-fearing nation, the country is also known for being very much into other forms of supernatural beliefs.