Police investigating by-election violence in Arusha

Sunday August 12 2018

Councillorship by-elections candidate for

Councillorship by-elections candidate for Kaloleni, Boniface Kimario. 

By Mussa Juma & Bertha Ismail @TheCitizenTZ news@thecitizen.co.tz

Arusha. Police here are investigating an incident where Arusha urban MP Godbless Lema was beaten and two people were stabbed during a fracas related to by-election campaigns ahead of the polling day today in Kaloleni ward.


Arusha Regional Police Commander Ramadhan Ngazi said on Saturday August 11 that Mr Godbless Lema reported to police saying he had been attacked.


The candidate in the councillorship by-elections for Kaloleni, Boniface Kimario and his election agent are reported to have been attacked too, he said.


Those who were injured during the violence were taken to Mount Meru Hospital that very afternoon for treatment.


“We have opened up an investigation and we are tracking the suspects…” said Mr Ngazi.


Mr Lema claimed that he was beaten by ruling party CCM youth, popularly known as “Green Guard.” He said they were accusing him of causing violence at Tanki Maji area in Arusha.


The electoral agent for the opposition party Chadema, Mr Ibrahim Ismail was reportedly stabbed and he is nursing the wounds of the attack at Mount Meru hospital.


In that incident, it has been reported that the CCM Chairman for Kaloleni ward, Mr Iddi Mukuru was also attacked by youth belonging to Chadema red brigade.

The CCM chairman for Kaloleni Mr Emmanuel Kessy said on Sunday Augsut 12 that the election process was ongoing despite the fracas.


“Few people have turned up for voting but the process is proceeding well,’’ he said.


 Arusha urban is carrying out by-elections after four councillors from the opposition party Chadema defected to the ruling party CCM and now are vying for the same seats under the CCM ticket.