Ralative narrates brutal Kibiti killing

Monday July 10 2017

Kibiti. Uniedentified killers are at it again. This time around taking the life of a man in Kibiti District, Coastal Region on Sunday night.

The incident occurred at 0050hrs as unidentified men allegedly shot eight bullets that killed Mr Ramadhani Mzuzuri (45) and wounded his wife who was identified by one name, Halima.

She was shot three times on different parts of her body. They reside at Ruaruke village.

A close relative (name withheld), said he heard gunshots at his relative’s house.

And when gunshot stopped, he went there only to find him dead, he narrates how the gunmen broke down the front door, going first to the children’s room.

They asked the children to show them where their father was. Then they broke into Mzuzuri’s room where he and his wife were sleeping, together with their three-month baby.


The relative explains that as the gunmen were breaking the two doors, Mzuzuri tried to climb up the roof to hide. However, when they found Ms Halima, they asked her to show them where her husband was. They then started searching for him, lighting their torch everywhere in the room until they found him.

He says, they did not wait for him to come down. They shot him several times while he was on the roof until he fell down. Then they forced Ms Halima to sit down so that they would shoot her as well. “She begged them not to kill her, for she was still breastfeeding,” he explained. But they did not listen to her plea. They shot her three times and left her wounded.

Concerning Mzuzuri’s autopsy, Dr David Paul of Kibiti Health Centre said they found eight gunshot wounds on his body.

Dr Paul said they were on his neck and head, adding that position of the wounds shows that the deceased was shot at close range.

He also said that they have already released his body to the family for burial. The doctor who was on duty at Mchukwi Hospital, Dr Emmanuel Humbi confirmed that Ms Halima was admitted while unconscious due to three gunshot wounds.

He said two of those wounds were on her leg and the other on her chest, below her right breast.

Speaking to The Citizen, Rufiji Special Police Zone Commander Onesmo Lyanga said the matter was under investigation.