Security tightens as doctors bar visitors from seeing Lissu

What you need to know:

Security has also been strengthened around the hospital.

Nairobi. Doctors attending to Singida East MP (Chadema) Tundu Lissu at the Agha Khan Hospital in Nairobi have barred visitors with no special permission from entering the room in which he’s receiving treatment. Security has also been strengthened around the hospital.

Mr Lissu was rushed to Nairobi after he was shot by an unidentified assailant near his Dodoma residence after attending a Parliament session early this month and sustained serious gunshot wounds.

Following the ban, Chadema MPs, including the party’s chairman Freeman Mbowe and Arusha Urban MP Godbless Lema, who were in Nairobi to make follow-ups on his treatment, have left Nairobi for Tanzania, leaving behind Mr Lissu’s family members and a special security and defence team.

Speaking yesterday to The Citizen at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi before returning to Tanzania, Mr Mbowe admitted to the doctors had barred visitors from seeing Mr Lissu to give them more space to do their job.

“The doctors have asked us to give them space and nobody is allowed to see him without a special permission as he is also required to rest enough,” said Mr Mbowe.

However, the party chairman said Mr Lissu’s health condition was improving and they were thankful to the doctors and to Tanzanians and other people in and outside the country for their prayers and contributions to his treatment.

He said the move was also taken because some people going to see Mr Lissu were giving controversial statements to the press and were feeding the patient with a lot of information, which was medically not advisable.

Speaking on Lissu’s US treatment trip

Speaking on Mr Lissu’s trip to the US or to any other country for further medical treatment, Mr said the issue had not been decided as they were still awaiting the doctors’ report.


“What I can say is that the trip to the US or to any other place is yet to be decided after the doctors’ report,” stressed Mr Mbowe.

Earlier, Arusha Urban MP Godbless Lema said for now it was not easy for anyone to see Mr Lissu, who, he added, was required to rest and receive treatment.

Mr Lema explained that some people including Rombo MP Joseph Selasini arrived at the Nairobi hospital on Wednesday to see Mr Lissu, but couldn’t following the doctors’ advice.

“I have even returned home, including other leaders so that we can give the doctors more time to do their job and make Mr Lissu rest,” said Mr Lema.

Mr Lema, who is also the Shadow Minister of Home Affairs from the opposition’s special camp in Parliament, said those remaining in Nairobi were members of the family and the party’s guards, who would work with their counterparts and other guards at the hospital.

However, he said there were other leaders and cadres of the party from the security and defence department of the party, who were expected to arrive in Nairobi to cooperate with other colleagues for Mr Lissu’s security and defence.

"I will be back to Nairobi in a few days, but for now Mr Lissu’s condition is good and we are thankful for prayers from various people in and outside the country for Mr Lissu’s speedy recovery," he said.