For Bluefins swimmers even sky isn’t the limit

Sunday September 16 2018


By Majuto Omary @majutoy2k

Dar es Salaam. Bluefins swimming club is feeling proud for the performances shown by its swimmers in both local and international competitions.

The club, which was established six years ago, has so far managed to compete against top clubs in Kenya and Uganda and finished among the top five in its first international foray.

Speaking with The Citizen yesterday, Bluefins founder-cum-trainer Rahim Alidina said the club August competed in Mombasa’s swimming championships and finished in the fourth position among 12 swimming clubs.

Alidina said that their team fielded swimmers who are U-12 years and managed to compete against the swimmers who were older.

He said the Mombasa event featured top 12 clubs in Kenya.

“Actually, we shocked Kenya’s clubs in the event. We had the youngest swimmers but scored high individually.

“However, due to a smaller number of swimmers we missed many points and finished fourth,” said Alidina.

He said the leadership and technical staff were still making efforts to improve the competitiveness of the swimmers in the club.

“We have so far competed in National swimming club championships and finished fifth behind giants clubs like Dar es Salaam Swimming Club (DSC) which finished first, Taliss (second), Morogoro Piranha and Mwanza respectively. It was not easy to finish in such a position,” he said.

Alidina also said they competed in the national junior swimming championships and finished third and later in the Isamilo gala where they clinched second position.

“We have so far enjoyed the success. Last year we had two swimmers in the Tanzania National team that clinched the African swimming governing body (Cana) zone three championships title

“Just imagine, children aged from four years are joining the club and starting to learn swimming.

“Parents cannot believe it, but slowly the young swimmers start to gain water confidence and finally get used to it with the help of professional coaches,” he said.

According to Alidina, Bluefins is also a swimming school besides being an active competitive swimming club in the country.

He said their club boasts an ideal teaching and training environment for both children and adults and at the same time accommodates swimmers and corporate clients as regular swimming members.

“We have our own swimming pool with all facilities, including changing rooms, and surroundings which offer a high level of privacy in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere whether for learning or leisure swimming purposes,” he said.

He said they were proud of themselves in the knowledge that their swimming programme provides children with the opportunity to learn swimming in a fun, safe and positive environment.

“We believe that every child has the right to be safe and skilled in the water, considering the fact that our country borders the Indian Ocean on its Eastern coast.

“Tanzania also has lakes and rivers, which almost by itself is a major reason for our children to learn water safety and other swimming skills,” he said.

He said they have swimming equipment like pull buoys, noodles, diving sticks, diving rings, diving discs, junior and normal kickboards for all beginners.