We will bring silverware home: Youth athletes

Friday October 5 2018

Tanzania Youths Olympic squad from second left

Tanzania Youths Olympic squad from second left Francis Damiano (runner), Dennis Mhini (swimmer), Regina Deogratius (runner) and coach, Michael Livingstone pose in group picture with Tanzania Swimming Association (TSA) chairman, Imani Dominick before departing for Buenos Aires. First left is Dennis’s father, Hamis Mhini and his daughter. PHOTO | MAJUTO OMARY 

By Majuto Omary @majutoy2k momary@tz.nationmedia.com

Dar es Salaam. Tanzanian athletes have are optimistic to bring the country top honours in the Youth Olympic Games to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from tomorrow.

Speaking before departing to Buenos Aires, Dennis Mhini who will feature in swimming said that they have been prepared well ahead of the Games and call the all Tanzanians to give them moral support.

Mhini who trained in United States and later in the country under coach, Michael Livingstone, said he will make efforts to score good marks in the Games and promote the name of the country abroad.

“We are ready for the challenges, I know it is not easy task, but we have trained hard in order to win medals or to improve our personal time best, we have challenges in the infrastructures like swimming facilities including modern swimming pool,” said Mhini.

Apart of Mhini, another swimmer in the team is Sonia Tumiotto who will connect direct to Buenos Aires from London.

Swimming coach, Michael Livingstone said they are entitled for medals, but they are mostly focus on improving the personal time best.

“I know, most of Tanzanians hope the team will win medals, in swimming there is swimmer’s time, you can fail to win medal, but improve your personal time, I call swimmers and runners to struggle for the best results,” said Livingstone.

He said that they have trained well and believe they will attain their target. On her part, the runners coach, Mwinga Mwanjala said runners are ready for the event and they hope to give their best.

Tanzania Swimming Association (TSA) chairman Imani Dominick also expressed optimism, saying they would win medals in the event. Dominick said the swimmers have improved their personal time and hopeful they will do the best.