Top 5 moments of Manchester City’s season

Friday May 4 2018


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This season was perfect for Manchester City, the premier league was the best gift that the players of the team could give to the fans, besides the manager Guardiola feels very proud of what he has achieved with the team, despite being able to reach the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League.

For Manchester City the season left unique, unforgettable moments that will be remembered to analyze and detail why Manchester City made one of their best seasons so far, here we have the list.

Ederson signs with Manchester City 

One of the best purchases City has made, Ederson was the goalkeeper that the team needed. After the departure of Willy Caballero, Guardiola had run out of many options.

Ederson came to the team as a savior that could help the City to win the first league and avoid losing almost won matches, a recurrent issue for the Blues over the past few years.


Critics fell on Guardiola when fans and journalists learned that Ederson had cost the stunned £ 34.7 million, an amount of money never paid before for a goalkeeper to a Portuguese team like the Benfica.

Looking at what he did this season, Ederson was actually one of the most undervalued player on the transfer market last season.

The arrival of Ederson was a relief for Claudio Bravo, since Claudio could feel relaxed in case of suffering an injury, Ederson was going to cover him and play at the same level that Bravo had at that moment.

Ederson was also fighting to be the goalkeeper and continues to do so since his arrival at City.

The season for Ederson was almost perfect. The goalkeeper managed to save a penalty against Crystal Palace and has not received any penalty goal in the remainder of the season, 19 goals allowed and 43 goals saved, always above the average established in the Premier League.

As mentioned by Wearebettors, Man City's odds for not conceding any goals continued to decrease throughout the season, due to their goalkeeper's astonishing performances

Winning against Tottenham, Chelsea and Stoke 

These matches were important for Manchester City. Winning each one of those matches represented the strength with which City is fighting for the title of the Premier League.

It was not only winning the Premier League with the most points but winning find the best and take advantage of scoring many goals when possible.

Against Tottenham it was a victory that many wanted, the fans travelled with the team to the home of Tottenham, the euphoria felt in the pitch was not normal.

Manchester City was superior in everything, three goals were the key to the win against Tottenham, the home team could not do anything against City, they could not even score a goal.

Winning at Stamford Bridge was an exquisite moment for City, maybe it was one of the most important victories that the team had during the season, as they managed to beat the champion of the premier league (last season), plus 14 days later and thanks to Confident of having won 1-0 at Stamford Bridge, the inspired City scored 7-2 against Stoke City.

Mane’s red card 

The Liverpool player helped Manchester City a lot. It was all caused by the red card that Sadio Mane received for the hard foul against the goalkeeper of Manchester City.

It was a foul so hard that the red card was not objected by any Liverpool player. Klopp knew it was the end of the match for the Reds.

Sadio Mane with his boot not only caused a knockout to Ederson, but his team Liverpool also suffered a heavy blow, because with Mane out of the team, Liverpool would be left with a huge absence on the field.

Manchester City players took advantage to score more goals. In fact, before the departure of Mane the Citizens were leading 1-0 and they had problems to score other goals. After this red card, City scored 4 goals to finally win 5-0 against a direct opponent.

Thanks to that injection of confidence for having beaten Liverpool in Anfield, Manchester City managed to score 19 goals in the next four matches in the Premier League. Nothing could stop the Citizens.

Some think that mentioning this is a waste of time, but in reality, this was a determinant factor in favor of the The Blues.

Defeating Mourinho and The Gunners 

This season was full of incredible things for the Citizens. Guardiola knew how to take advantage of every crucial moment the players of Manchester City were going through.

When the team visited the Gunners, one of the teams that was determined to take the glory away from City, the Spanish coach knew exactly to do.

The Gunners could not do anything against the Citizens, the dominance was total by Manchester City.

The first goal came from Kevin De Bruyne, after his teammates Sergio Aguero and Gabriel de Jesus were in charge of scoring the goals to prevent the Arsenal will even score a goal. 3-0.

Another important match where Manchester City shown that they were at their best was against Mourinho and the Red Devils.

Nobody doubted what the City could do at Old Trafford, as the 23/20 odds on William Hill proved it.

However, winning there was what the team needed to continue their series of victories to win victories against teams of the Premier League. 1-0, final result with the best performance of the Citizens.

Sergio Aguero: goal scorer + Liverpool revenge

Aguero is already officially the historic goal scorer of Manchester City, Sergio already has a special place in the history of the team.

Since joining the team 264 matches ago, Sergio Aguero has scored a total of 177 goals, becoming the maximum scorer in history for the City. He just needs to complete a couple of goals and he will make history.

One of the few matches to forget was the revenge that Liverpool players had against City. Even though that match started with the best expectations for the Citizens, Liverpool managed to score 4 goals in just under 60 minutes.

It was a disaster and that caused the City to lose an incredible winning streak. Liverpool finally managed to win at Anfield against City.

The Manchester City season was to remember, many moments that made City undeniably the best team of the 2017/2018 season and surely, they will continue breaking records the following season.

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