Thirty chefs set for training in French cuisine

Friday March 15 2019

French Ambassador to Tanzania Frederic Clavier

French Ambassador to Tanzania Frederic Clavier speaks during a press conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday about the French Gastronomy Cuisine Festival, which will be held in the city on March 21. With him is Hyatt Regency general manager Garry Friend. PHOTO | ERICKY BONIPHACE 

By Josephine Christopher @JocfineQ

Dar es Salaam. Thirty Tanzanian professional chefs in the country have a chance to be trained in French gastronomy cuisine as part of cerebrations of the global day for gourmet festival.
The chefs will receive training from a professional chef, Mr Francois Lucchesi, of the Hyaat Regency Paris Etoile of France.
The fifth edition of the gourmet festival will be marked for the first time in Tanzania. It always takes place on March 21 worldwide.
This year, the focus of the festival will be on sustainable development through responsible gastronomy and commitment of chefs to preserve the planet.
Addressing the journalist, the French ambassador to the country, Mr Frédéric Clavier, said the focus of these cerebrations for the French cuisine in France is to recognise the role played by gastronomy in their economy, especially, by creating employment in the tourism and hospitality industry.
“French gastronomy is an art, a cultural heritage and an industry that creates thousands of employment opportunities,” he said.
He added in 2019 the festival has taken on greener approach aiming at protecting the planet resources.
“At the world of climate and environmental destruction, the world of gastronomy, indeed, has a new and fundamental role to play,” he said.
In collaboration with the Hyaat Regency of Dar es Salaam, the embassy has organised a dinner event where the Tanzanian chefs will have an opportunity to experience the French cuisine.
The hotel general manager, Mr Garry Friend, said Tanzanians will have an opportunity to test the French gastronomic food from a menu prepared by local chefs under the chef from Paris.