Tanzania experiences steep rise in TB cases

Tuesday September 22 2015

Tanzania is the 15th among 22 countries most TB patients. It mentions the number of patients in the country increase rapidly from 11,000 people in 1984 to 62,000 in 2006. Increased also up to 63,892 in 2012 and in 2013 reached 65,000.

TLP program statistics show that the regions with the highest number of TB cases is

Dar Es Salaam 22.9 percent equivalent to 13,983 people, Mwanza 9.3 percent equivalent to 5946 people) and Shinyanga 6.4 percent equivalent to by 4074 people.

Dr Tarimo mention Morogoro regions Others has 5.1 percent, 4.9 percent Arusha, Mara 4.9 percent , Tanga 4.6 percent and Iringa 4.5 percent.