Oil prices decrease further

Wednesday March 2 2016

By Mashine Milimo & Ludger Kasumuni, TheCitizen

Dar es Salaam. Oil prices have continued to fall in Tanzania. This is because global oil prices are declining.

The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Ewura) announced that effective yesterday retail prices for petrol, diesel and kerosene decreased by Sh31, Sh114 and Sh234 per litre respectively.

Ewura director general Felix Ngamlagosi said wholesale petrol, diesel and kerosene prices fell by Sh34.41, Sh116.63 and Sh236.65 per litre respectively.

However, he said since there was no petrol and diesel consignment at the Tanga Port, the decline in prices was not applicable in Tanga.

Instead, the same indicative prices announced last month would be applicable there.

“In line with the Petroleum Act, 2015, Section 166, prices of petroleum products are governed by rules of demand and supply. Ewura shall continue to encourage competition in the sector by making available petroleum products pricing information including price cap,” he said in a statement.


According to the statement, a litre of petrol will be sold at Sh1,811 in Dar es Salaam, Sh1,816 in Kibaha, Sh1,870 in Dodoma, Sh1,875 in Iringa, Sh1,903 in Njombe, Sh2,026 in Bukoba, Sh2,042 in Karagwe and Sh2,048 in Kyerwa.

As for diesel, the prices will be Sh1,486 in Dar es Salaam, Sh1,491 in Kibaha, Sh1,545 in Dodoma, Sh1,550 in Iringa, Sh1,578 in Njombe, Sh1,701 in Bukoba, 1,718 in Karagwe and Sh1,723 in Kyerwa.

Kerosene prices will be Sh1,465 in Dar es Salaam, Sh1,470 in Kibaha, Sh1,524 in Dodoma, Sh1,529 in Iringa, Sh1,557 in Njombe, Sh1,680 in Bukoba, Sh1,697 in Karagwe and Sh1,702 in Kyerwa.