ONE MAN'S VIEW: When private investigator or DNA testing expertise is needed

Saturday June 9 2018


By Marete Wa Marete

Marriage counseling has always topped the job list of the hot careers. What with many marriages headed for the rocks? Even with fanfare and aplomb that is synonymous with our weddings, very few of those will see to their fifth year. But even if they do, chances are that they will remain wobbly engagements that at a point down the road might end up exploding like a grenade in the hands of a terrorist. I am not a pessimist but lifestyles are today pointing to a time when private investigators and DNA expertise will come in handy – private investigators to help catch men and women literally with their pants down and DNA experts to unravel the mysteries of bastards.

Those who believe in the sacrosanct nature of marriage have every reason to frown about the new developments as far as relationships are concerned. Shockwaves of heart-rending trends are threatening to tear into shreds the very core of our cultural fabric – the marriage sector. And since it is only the married people who know what goes on behind their walls, it is safe to say that the overflows that come to the public notice can only be a tip of the iceberg.

Recent report findings in Kenya as reported by one newspaper point to the fact that DNA tests carried out have shown that a sizeable percentage of the children born claim no paternal relationships with their fathers and may well not go unnoticed. Of course, traditional method of looking at children and merely matching resemblance like a jigsaw is now proven wrong. To me, all children look alike. This may be in Kenya but Kenya and Tanzania share a lot of characteristics including ethnic affiliations. It is safe to believe that the trends are the same. So, do not be surprised when one or two of your children has pointed ears that remind you of a Cheshire cat – like those of your neighbor or friend.

Another report indicates that women have been beating men hands down in their sneaky infidelity. Unlike men who are often crass and careless in their illicit sexual escapades, women know how to cover their tracks. It would take the skill of Mossad or FBI operatives to trail their moves. Well, this is the world we are living in. I am gravely worried by the trends.