DEAR DIARY: Out of kitchen beauty

Saturday June 9 2018

Janet Otieno

Janet Otieno 

By Janet Otieno

Do you know that you can get beauty products out of your kitchen? There are many natural beauty products that are hiding right inside your kitchen. From that jar of honey to the can of turmeric to that yoghurt and many more are great products that can be used.

Many times, we believe that spending a lot of money in stores to buy beauty products is the only way to acquire that natural glow.

For instance, did you know that sugar is a great scrub for the face, lips and body? If you think this is a false claim then go and ask a few celebrities what products they use and you will be amazed.

And wait until you discover the power of eggs, it can do wonders to your skin and hair if you try it out.

Another natural cleanser and moisturizer is honey, which is lying idle in your kitchen cabinet.

Even tomatoes work wonders in removing excess oil and tightening the skin.

There are just numerous others that can be used to give your skin that natural glow instead of spending a lot of money to buy artificial ones if you are into nature and its goodness.