Pressure to get married

Saturday July 7 2018

Janet Otieno

Janet Otieno 

No one should be pressured or forced into marriage. It’s something that happens when one decides it’s the right time.

Family members and friends can really make one’s life miserable by constantly inquiring on when they’ll get married. Marriage is something that is so personal that it requires proper reflection before deciding to get onboard.

There are many marriages that have ended prematurely simply because the woman was forced or pressured into it. Due to its intensity, there should be utmost caution observed before one decides that marriage is the right path for them.

Whether 30 or 40, you marry when your heart consents, not because you are pressured.

No one will be living with you when those marital problems come knocking on your door. It will be you and your husband to find ways to resolve the matter. So why decide to marry due to pressure?

Take your time, find the right partner. Know everything about them – their character, likes and dislikes, future plans, family plans – all these are important factors to be considered before deciding to marry someone. You’d rather know everything early on, instead of being shocked in later stages of your relationship.