The struggle to juggle

Saturday January 26 2019

Janet Otieno

Janet Otieno 

By Janet Otieno

This week, Woman looks into a new trend that has slowly crept into the society. Women are increasingly overburdened not only with household chores but financial responsibilities as well.

These days most women struggle to provide for their families as the men in their lives have decided to be irresponsible.

This means that in as much as women are underpaid compared to their male colleagues, they still take the lion’s share when it comes to child rearing and housework besides financially providing for their families.

Though women and men are equal, the reality of financial stress where only a woman provides to pay utility bills, buy household groceries, pay school fees among other things means they have to live from paycheck to paycheck leading to stress thus affecting even their relationships.

It is understandable if a spouse has lost a job but if on the other hand the family does not benefit from his hard work, it means there could be something strange going on with his finances.

And some men have seemingly perfected their game of messing with their partners’ financial future.